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Release Daytona (2019-04-11)

Steve Tooke

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Feature: Connect projects to Bitbucket Server

We want to enable teams to gather their project documentation from their source-control management (SCM) systems.

We will install a webhook to their SCM which will automatically update your project documentation.

Useful links Event Storming Example map


  • Only one active connection allowed
  • Hide passwords and tokens in logs
  • Encrypt passwords and tokens before dispatching commands


  • Bitbucket Server doesn’t try to connect to the webhook so we don’t have a connection until someone pushes. Can we trigger the webhook programmatically?
  • Where do we store the credentials? In our regular ES-domain or somewhere else?
  • How to encrypt and decrypt passwords/tokens properly?
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Scenario: use Bitbucket server credentials to connect projects

  • When Dolly provides credentials for her Bitbucket server
  • Then Dolly should be able to connect several projects using those credentials
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Scenario: connect a project to Bitbucket Server

  • Given Bob and Daphne are collaborating on a project
  • When Daphne uses her credentials to connect the project to their Bitbucket Server
  • Then Bob should see the project is connected