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Feature: Approve a release

In certain business contexts it's necessary to have an audit trail showing business approval of the documentation and tests for specific releases of the software.

This feature allows users to see all the approval requests on changes for a project along with their status (requested or granted).


  • Anyone with access to a project can view its requests for approval viz.:
    • an anonymous user can view them for a public project;
    • an non-collaborator can't view them for a private project.
  • Approval is requested on a specific release of the whole documentation, and any associated test results.
  • Test results should be "frozen" for this release once approval has been requested - i.e. it should not be possible to modify or add further test results while approval is in progress or after it has been granted.


  • What will this page look like?
  • Will we allow comments along with or about an approval?


  • Reject a request
  • Cancel a request


  • Given Daniela has created alpha-project
  • And Daniela has uploaded her public key
  • And Daniela has added some documents to alpha-project
  • @todo

Scenario: Two requests, one approved

  • When Daniela requests sign-off of the git branch master of alpha-project as "v1.0"
  • And Paula approves the sign-off request
  • And Daniela adds some more documents to alpha-project
  • And Daniela requests sign-off of the git branch master of alpha-project as "v1.1"
  • Then Alana should see that the version "v1.0" of alpha-project has been signed off by Paula
  • And Alana should see that Daniela has requested sign-off for the version "v1.1" of alpha-project