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Amazon Web Services guide

This guide will help you setup two instances of Cucumber Pro that can be interchanged and share the same data storage (EBS).

Create the EC2 instance

Go to the EC2 Dashboard and launch a new instance. During the launch wizard, use the following configuration:

Step 1: Choose AMI

Pick any Replicated-supported linux Amazon Machine Image (AMI). See This guide was written while using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 (HVM), SSD Volume Type - ami-c90195b0.

Step 2: Choose Instance type

Choose any instance type that fits the Cucumber Pro's requirements. We have successfully tested on t2.large but recommend m5.xlarge as it provides the right amount of RAM and much better network performances which impact I/O.

Step 3: Instance details

Defaults options are fine.

Step 4: Add storage

Add an additional volume, next to root of type EBS as /dev/sdb of sufficient size (at least 20 gB, this depends mostly on the size of your project repositories). Make sure it is set to not be deleted on instance termination.

Don't select any snapshot, it is a new volume.

Step 5: Add tags

Optional, you can tag the instance if you want to.

Step 6: Configure security group

Add all the firewall rules as described in Cucumber Pro's firewall instructions. If you are inside a private network, you might skip this altogether.

Step 7: Launch!

You can now launch the new instance! You will have to select an existing key pair or create a new one to be able to log into the instance.

Mount the EBS volume

SSH into the newly-created instance with the public key:

ssh -i <path/to/public.key> ec2-user@<instance-ip>

Follow these instructions to format and mount the EBS volume. On RedHat, the volume was available as /dev/xvdb. You'll need to mount the fresh ext4 partition on /data.

Install Replicated

You now have a machine ready to run Cucumber Pro. Follow the usual appliance setup instructions starting with installing Replicated.