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Feature: Create a release

A release elevates a specific revision of the documentation so that you can easily get back to that version in the future.

For example:

  • Know what behaviour is in a release of your app that a particular user has installed
  • Easily view the documentation for your current production release of your app while you have new features in development
  • Allow users or support people to find the right documentation for the version they are supporting
  • Allow approval to be requested / approved / audited for a particular release
  • Allow an auditor to be able to see what was expected and what was tested on a previous release of the app


  • Given Daniela has created alpha-project
  • And Daniela has uploaded her public key
  • And Daniela has added some documents to alpha-project
  • And Paula has accepted Daniela's invitation to collaborate on alpha-project

Scenario: Create a release from the HEAD of a branch

  • When Daniela creates release v1.0 of the git branch master of the project
  • Then Paula should see that the history of the project includes a release v1.0