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Feature: Review sign off requests

In certain business contexts it's necessary to have an audit trail showing business sign-off on the documentation and tests for specific versions of the software.

This feature allows users to see all the sign off requests on changes for a project along with their status (requested or granted).


  • Anyone with access to a project can view its sign-off requests viz.:
    • an anonymous user can view them for a public project;
    • an non-collaborator can't view them for a private project.
  • Sign-off is requested on a specific (git) revision of the whole documentation, and any associated test results.
  • Test results should be "frozen" for this revision once sign-off has been requested - i.e. it should not be possible to modify or add further test results while approval is in progress or after it has been granted.


  • What will this page look like?
  • Will we allow comments along with or about a sign-off?


  • Reject a request
  • Cancel a request
  • Move an existing request to another revision


  • Given Daniela has created alpha-project
  • And Daniela has uploaded her public key
  • And Daniela has added some documents to alpha-project

Scenario: Two sign off requests, one approved

  • When Daniela requests sign-off of the git branch master of alpha-project as "v1.0"
  • And Paula approves the sign-off request
  • And Daniela adds some more documents to alpha-project
  • And Daniela requests sign-off of the git branch master of alpha-project as "v1.1"
  • Then Alana should see that the version "v1.0" of alpha-project has been signed off by Paula
  • And Alana should see that Daniela has requested sign-off for the version "v1.1" of alpha-project