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Feature: Email notifications

To keep everyone involved, we'll broadcast all comments in conversations by email to everyone. When teams are implemented, we'll only broadcast to the project team members.


  • Emails about resolved conversations
  • Commenting by replying to notification emails
  • Muting conversations
  • Opting out of notifications in general
  • Showing context of comment (i.e. document line content excerpt, previous comments)
  • Dealing with clicks in emails to resolved conversations
  • Different emails for "new" and "replied to" conversations
  • Batch notifications: instead of sending an email for every single comment made and flood people's inboxes, queue them for a bit and send several notifications in a single email.


  • Replying to will automatically respond with a message explaining responses are not allowed (yet).
  • People are not notified about their own comments
  • Email contains the body of the comment: Subject: my-project New comment about: Security > Log In From: "cooper_b_allegra"

    Hi folks,
    I think we should change the line here to "Given something goes wrong".
    You're receiving this because you're on the team for "my-project".
    Visit Cucumber Pro to [view and reply] to this comment.
  • From: "matt <>" on the SaaS

  • From: "tooky <>" on appliances
  • Clicking on the view and reply link brings the person to the exact location of the comment, the conversation should be the only one activated. See GitHub issue.


  • Given Dave has created test-project with
  • And Bev has accepted Dave's invitation to collaborate on test-project
  • And Dave is reading in test-project
  • And Bev is reading in test-project

Scenario: Bev receives an email about Dave's new conversation

  • When Dave comments on
  • Then Bev should receive an email from Dave with a link to the first comment on in test-project
  • But Dave should not receive any emails about a new conversation
  • @flicker

Scenario: Dave receives an email about Bev's reply

  • Given Dave has commented on
  • When Bev replies on
  • Then Dave should receive an email from Bev with a link to the second comment on in test-project
  • But Bev should not receive any emails about a reply to a conversation