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Release Crystal Apple (2018-02-01)

Romain GĂ©rard

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Feature: Prepaid SaaS billing


  • Prepaid licenses have a fixed number of seats occupied only by billable members
  • People collaborating only on public projects are not billable
  • People doing only license administration and not project collaboration are not billable


  • Given the app is running on the SaaS

Scenario: prepaid SaaS

  • When Oana registers with a prepaid SaaS license:
    Expiry datein 30 days
  • And Oana creates the following projects:
  • Then Oana should be a billable member of the Elsevador license
  • And Oana should be told the payment of 1000 is due in 30 days for the Elsevador license
  • And Oana should be told there are 99 unused seats on the Elsevador license