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Feature: LDAP authentication

In an enterprise environment, you need to allow people to sign in to Cucumber Pro using their existing network credentials so that they don't have to sign up.


  • Given this appliance is configured for LDAP authentication

Scenario: Existing Cucumber Pro account with no LDAP account can still log in

  • When BuildServer logs in using its Cucumber Pro credentials
  • Then BuildServer should be logged in

Scenario: New user signs in to Cucumber Pro for the first time

  • Given Barbara has an LDAP account with email
  • When Barbara logs in using her network credentials
  • Then Barbara should be logged in
  • And should not reveive an account activation email

Scenario: User with existing Cucumber Pro account signs in using network credentials

  • Given Chris has an account on Cucumber Pro with email
  • And Chris has an LDAP account with email
  • And Chris has created a public project called alpha-project
  • When Chris logs in using his network credentials
  • Then Chris should be logged in
  • And Chris should see the following projects: