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Jam documentation

Jam is the enterprise-grade collaboration platform for behaviour-driven teams.

This product is a work in progress. You can read more about the current features and roadmap below.

Current features

The core of the problem is to allow non-technical team members to get easy access to the team's executable specifications. These are published from the 'feature' files when an update is pushed from the team's Source Control Management (SCM) system.

Next, we added the ability to have conversations about the documentation within the tool.

We're using Jam to host our own documentation, so you can read more about the features in detail:


Here are the areas that we plan to work on, to give you an idea of where we're headed.

It's not an ordered list - we regularly take guidance from our customers as to what will give them the most value. So feel free to contact us and suggest other ideas.

  • SaaS hosting
  • Results & reporting
  • Change history
  • Collaborative editing
  • JIRA/ALM tool integrations